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Our very first post, why Medieval Weapons?

I’m sure we here at Medieval Weapons Bliss aren’t the only ones who dig on swords, spears, and all the cool weapons of the ancient world.  We are real enthusiasts and we are sure you are too.  These modern reproductions are like our connection to the ancestors of our past times.  But heck, maybe you just like to have these cool items on the wall to impress your friends, maybe you are a role player.  We also have a sweet LARP’er section with some stuff you can take to the next battle that will seriously blow your friends away.  or maybe, just maybe, you’re like our pal Sanders who kind of likes the security and piece of mind an old mace by the bedside brings your.  Whatever it is that has you intrigued about medieval weapons, we are happy to be along side you as you enjoy the hobby.  We are going to bring real reviews and awesome insight into the history and usage of these weapons.  And by joining our email list, you will always be in the know about what we’re doing here as far as content goes.  If you’re ever having trouble trying to decide what is the next awesome Medieval item you should purchase, rest assure that we know how that feels and strive to bring to you the best information to help you in making that choice.  Above all we hope you enjoy the website and hope to keep you coming back.



The folks at Medieval Weapons Bliss.

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