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About Us

Welcome to Medieval Weapons Bliss . com!  We are happy you made it, we here at MWB just love all sorts of knives, daggers, and classic weapons, especially from the Medieval Times.  Where soldiers duked it out with well, pretty much anything you can think off.  They had swords, axes, halberds, and even Thor’s Hammer (OK, maybe not, but its till pretty cool).  We have spent much time bringing all the super cool items together in one place just out of sheer love and enthusiasm.  Well, in the spirit of transparency, we do receive a small commission on most of the items on this site, so theres that too.  But seriously we just love all sorts of ancient weapons and if you do as well, well welcome to heaven..where you will experience, BLISS!

Have fun browsing through all of our stuff and make sure to keep coming back as we love to constantly update our site with the newest and coolest medieval weapon, piece of armor, and even medieval collectibles.  I mean we literally have anything from a Roman short sword, to Zelda’s sword, to even some really cool weaponry from ancient China.  Anyways, enjoy and have fun!