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Absolute Force or non at all? (why you will drop red dragons gloves)

In HEMA and HEMA practice the debate has always been hot as to what is the best gear, being that there are so many different experience levels and price points.

Not to mention different forms of practice, from simply flow drills to the actual full force sparring..

One brand of gloves that have gained some popularity is the Red Dragon set of gloves..

I will not personally speak on the gloves, but will throw in this inset from a site by the name of

“It is my opinion that the red dragon gloves do not provide sufficient protection for longsword or steel sparring and has many soft spots that can hurt even when using a single handed nylon weapon. Additionally, it is too bulky to use comfortably with most complex hilts.

I recommend to avoid the red dragon gloves and invest in good heavy gloves, or light gloves depending on the intended use.”
-Shanee Nishry,

Although the part about Red Dragon gloves being even ineffective against nylon weapons is concerning, they still have there uses in some forms of training..

But one can’t deny the soft or weak spots on these gloves, to where a strike can still lead to bruises or further injury, So what’s one to do?

The wrist strap allows wrist to be exposed to harm.
All the material that is gray is not padded or protected.

My answer is Absolute Force!

Absolute Force gloves probably have 3 major advantages in my opinion to other gloves..
They are:
1. Protection up your forearm
2. Allow you the ability to grip properly (if you buy the right size.)
3.Lobster tail articulation

Not to mention they were beta-tested!

*Beta Test – a trial of machinery, software, or other products, in the final stages of its development, carried out by a party unconnected with its development.

The first thing I’d like to point out is that the whole entire area of your arm that would be exposed to harm is covered. And that protection extends up half way up your forearm..

I will point out that the hand (palm side) is not covered, but this glove offers more protection than a Red Dragon glove.

To the right is a person with the glove in a closes grip position so you can see that a grip on your side is totally viable.

The last thing I’d like to talk about is the “lobster tail articulation.”

Ever seen a lobster’s tail, and how it’s layers of its shell sort of overlap? Absolute Force kind of did the same thing with their glove.

The advantage with this type of construction is that there will be no under protected or exposed areas on the glove.  This would obviously allow for the best protection a pair of gloves like these would definitely be the best and are very fairly priced.

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