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Fallout New Vegas Sword

The Fallout New Vegas Sword AKA The Machete Gladius

  If you played the highly popular game from Fallout, then you sure did notice this bad boy in the script.  Carried in the game by a group of people called the Legion, who resemble old Roman soldiers, the game takes place in a wasteland of Las Vegas, whe Read More…

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The Sword of Anubis – The Real One!


The Powerful Sword of Anubis

  Here it is, and now YOU can enjoy the same power Anubis did, well sorta.  But really just think about how jealous all the other Egyptian gods will be when they see, well a mortal with such a sword!

The Low Down on the Anubis Sword

  So this sword is basically a khopesh design, if you want to compare, just click here to check out the Egyptian Khopesh post I made.  The thing with this sword versus other khopesh design Read More…

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Minecraft Foam Sword – LARP Like a Gamer!


A Minecraft Foam Sword for you!

  No need to explain what Minecraft is.  I mean, everyone with an Xbox or PS or PC knows or has played Minecraft.  And what we have here is an awesome (replica?) Minecraft foam sword you guys are just going to love.  It’ll make a perfect gift or if your a real fan you’l Read More…

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