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Medieval Morning Star – The Spiked Ball Flail!

Good morning, or more like good night?  Depending on who you ask.  But the Morning Star Flail was quite a weapon to be reckon with, and although it can be considered somewhat crude and its use someone brash, it sure did have its use on the old battlefield.

Whats the deal with the morning star?

Although the morning star of old was actually  mu Read More…

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The Wicked Skull Flail – Giving the Classic Flail a Whole New Look


The Skull Flail 

Just like the regular medieval combat flails, this weapons comes with a spiked, wait thats not a ball but a skull!  An awesome little piece, get ready to impress everybody with this bada** lil guy here!

The Original Flails

Original flails were highly revered combat weapons in the days of old.  The star advantage of the flail was the fact that you could easily strike someone even when they had a shield, since the flai Read More…

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