Medieval Weapons Bliss

Simple, sexy, brutal – The Spiked Club


The Spiked Club

  Ok guys , this is going to rock your socks off so hold them in place.  You have here an awesome weapon, battle ready that is a blast to play with.  So here you go!

The History

  Throughout the medieval days and even before that, designs such as this one on the Spiked Club were hugely popular.  But how could such a crude weapon be so liked Read More…

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The Flanged Mace – A Knights Worst Knightmare

The Flanged Mace

  Allow us to introduce you to the official Kryptonite to the knight in shining armor.  This is a German style flanged mace.  When it comes down to maces, their were quite a few different designs, we’re happy to bring you this one here.

The History

  With the adve Read More…

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