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The Celtic Helmet – Combat Ready Head Protection

The Celtic Helmet

  Have you been needing a true reproduction helmet for your Celtic set up, you have one know.  In its authentic design and all, you certainly going to love the comfort and look you get from this guy.

The History

  The Celts were no doubt a ferocious warrior class in their time.  They were also known for making their own arms and armor.  So, not only were they great combatants, but also expert blacks Read More…

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Black Knight Armor – Medieval Suit of Armor

The full suit of medieval armor become to come into full use in the 15th century.  A knight in a full suit of armor could be equated to today’s battle tanks.  They were a real force rolling through the battle field and weren’t easy to take out.  Swords were useless and you could actually penetrate a suit of armor with a arrow, but you had to get close enough to hopefully poke through the armor and wound the knight.  Kind of h Read More…

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