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The Roman Pugio – A classic Roman Sidearm

The Roman Pugio – Classis knife of Old Rome!

  The Roman Pugio was a dagger from Ancient Rome, and as funny as it sounds, they haven’t put a definite identity to it.  Obviously, its a dagger and was probably the sidearm to Roman troopers in the case they needed a weapon in a jiffy.

Best Usage

  The Pugio was known for its leaf shaped blade, most effective for stabbing and thrusting and the least effective in slashing.  Although slas Read More…

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An Awesome Medieval Dagger – the Bollock Dagger

What do we have here?  Well the replica of an original bollack dagger from the medieval times.  And, why the name you say?  Bollocks?  Well, it meant males testes back in those days.  Nowadays, we say nuts…so now that I have showed you how far we have come from ye old days, lets talk about this knife!

This weapon was popular from the 13th to 18th century, particularly in England, Scandinavia, and Finland.  It was used by military folk and the regular folk, AKA the civilians.  These were obviously sid Read More…

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The Gothic Medieval Dagger – A Foot Soldier’s Best Friend

Back in ye ole days, everyone carried some type of knife at least, to protect thine self from thine enemies and own thine lousy bastards with swiftness.  The poorer folk had no choice but to carry standard utility knives, but people with some coin went for something a little more specific…uh, for their use and all, you know owning lousy bastards!  And what exactly did a purpose built dagger for war have?   Read More…

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