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The Medieval Falchion – A Sport Version!

  The Falchion – The Medieval Version of the Da Dao!

Da Dao Chinese Broadsword

Chinese Dadao

The Chinese Da Dao (translated into “big knife”) was a Chinese sabre used in China by those who wanted a deadly weapon without having to go into a very steep learning curve.  The falchion  might not be Read More…

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The Sword of Anubis – The Real One!


The Powerful Sword of Anubis

  Here it is, and now YOU can enjoy the same power Anubis did, well sorta.  But really just think about how jealous all the other Egyptian gods will be when they see, well a mortal with such a sword!

The Low Down on the Anubis Sword

  So this sword is basically a khopesh design, if you want to compare, just click here to check out the Egyptian Khopesh post I made.  The thing with this sword versus other khopesh design Read More…

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The Egyptian Khopesh – The Sickle Sword of Egypt

The Sickle Sword – The Khopesh Sword – The Axe and Sword Fusion

This weapon is actually a weapon that extends past the Medieval Days, to the Bronze Era where weapons were made of bronze.  Why did we include it?  Well can you blame me for liking such a cool sword?

The Story on the Khopesh Read More…

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