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The Fierce Swiss Halberd


The Swiss Halberd, the Original Swiss Pocket Knife

  It almost seems like the Swiss had some kind of thing with making tools and weapons with just a whole ton of uses…like this halberd, useful for more than just impaling your worst enemy!

The History

  This weapon was the prime weapon of the Swiss foot soldier during the 14th and 15th century.  It was so dubious that it even influenced German weapon usage and battle tactics of the time.  It w Read More…

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The Legendary Trident, Weapon of Neptune!

The Retiarius Trident

  This weapon is absolutely etched into the memory of history.  Have you been wanting something unique and different to add to your collection and be able to impress your friends, or just want a new toy to play with?  You might just e Read More…

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