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Fallout New Vegas Sword

The Fallout New Vegas Sword AKA The Machete Gladius

  If you played the highly popular game from Fallout, then you sure did notice this bad boy in the script.  Carried in the game by a group of people called the Legion, who resemble old Roman soldiers, the game takes place in a wasteland of Las Vegas, where all sorts of similar “clans” roam the landscape.

Look and Feel

  This weapon looks similar to older roman weapons, hence the name, but has some distinct differences.  Even though it is being called a machete, it is closer to a short sword classification due to the fact of how thick the blade is.  When looking at the blade, it is purposely given that robust look to add to the look and feel.

Best Uses/Benefits

  This isn’t some cheap replica, its actually high quality.  Definitely meant to be a chopper, this weapon would be perfect for some..apocalyptic zombie attack.  Plenty of damage to be done due to the fact that its 3/16″ blade and carbon steel makeup will wreck havoc when used properly.   It’ll also make an awesome wall piece of course, the perfect start to a movie/video game collection.

Specifications And Construction

  The weapon is perfect for chopping, and will do so seamlessly when you use some good strength because of a few key design features.  First of all, you have the flared out end, which adds some weight and thus extra momentum to a strike.  Secondly, is the high carbon blade, which can be made sharper and is stronger than regular stainless steel.  Finally, is the full tang blade, that is integrated into the pommel of the machete, not to mention the blades thickness once again.

Overall Length: 23 7/8” Blade: 17 1/4”

Blade: 1095 High Carbon Steel

Weight: 3 lb 7.3 oz

Last words…

  This is a terrific piece, and it priced accordingly.  You certainly won’t be getting this if you on the bargain hunt, but you will indeed love it if you do purchase it, priced at $318, click here or an image below to make you purchase.


fallout new vegas machete or sword   Image of Machete Gladious new Vegas Sword


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