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The Fierce Swiss Halberd


The Swiss Halberd, the Original Swiss Pocket Knife

  It almost seems like the Swiss had some kind of thing with making tools and weapons with just a whole ton of uses…like this halberd, useful for more than just impaling your worst enemy!

The History

  This weapon was the prime weapon of the Swiss foot soldier during the 14th and 15th century.  It was so dubious that it even influenced German weapon usage and battle tactics of the time.  It was prized since it didn’t require a whole ton of training to make a soldier effective, the Swiss halberd began to fall out of use during the 16th century, but till this day it is the ceremonial weapon of the Swiss country!

Benefits and Features

  This was definitely intended for more than just the typical thrust maneuvers, although the spike at the very end is great for strong thrusts.  Thrusts were also one way of dealing with armored knights, aiming for the weak spots of course.  You could also trip opponents with this, as well as utilize axe like smashes as well.  The Swiss used this halberd to also dismount enemy troops from horses.  As you can tell, it was crucial to their combat strategy.  But you don’t have to be a Medieval soldier to want to have one of these..

Why would we want a Swiss Halberd?

  Well why not?  Its just awesome, and maybe one day we might want to get creative with our home self defense.  Knock on wood no one tries to enter my home while I’m there, they won’t make it.  But instead of some slug action, why not grab this.  Ok, ok, little too far there, and as we know violence isn’t the answer.  But this is one of these old weapons that made a huge difference in its time, so it would be nice to have a replica of this to kind of connect you to history!

We have here two different Swiss halberds for your viewing!  The first one below comes from Cold Steel, and we all have heard of them and I personally think their brand is spot on when it comes down to merchandise like this!  Its overall length is 90 inches, or 7 1/2 feet.  So its a big guy.  Made of carbon steel and weighing about 5 pounds.  And for the price, its 120 dollars, so not bad for all that you’re getting, click here or an image below to get yourself one today!

Swiss Halberd, full view, made by cold steel  Swiss Halberd top peice

Not the 17th Century styled Swiss Halberd coming from Swords Of Honor.  It has a bit more elegant look and its overall length is 75 inches or in feet that would be 6 1/4 inches.  So a but smaller and it is a bit lighter, the pricing here was 115 bucks, but they bought it down to $95.  Doesn’t mean the quality isn’t there, either will be a great choice if you have been looking for a cool Swiss halberd for yourself.  Just click link here, or the image below, it will lead you to the respective website for purchase! Enjoy fellow medieval junkies.

Ceremonial Swiss Halberd



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