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The Medieval Falchion – A Sport Version!

  The Falchion – The Medieval Version of the Da Dao!

Da Dao Chinese Broadsword

Chinese Dadao

The Chinese Da Dao (translated into “big knife”) was a Chinese sabre used in China by those who wanted a deadly weapon without having to go into a very steep learning curve.  The falchion  might not be what you think about when you think of the Middle Ages, but nonetheless it was a effective sword in its own right!

                              Who used the Falchion?    

It it commonly thought that falchion’s were used only by the poor as a weapons and also commonly used as a tool during times of peace.  This is true but it has been noted that some ornamental falchions were carried by nobility.  And there have even been historical illustrations from the Middle Ages depicting armored knights in combat with the falchion.

The Fabri Armorum Buhurt Falchion

We have here today a falchion the was made for stage or sport combat.  This weapon is qualified for  HMB, IMCF and the Battle of the Nations, among others as well.


This being a stage combat sword, it will obviously be unsharpened.  The cross guard and pommel are welded to the blade, and has been designed with heavy usage in mind.

Total Length: 28 3/4”

Blade Length: 21 5/8”

Total Weight: 2 lb 12.3 oz

Grip Length: 5”

Again the best usage of this particular sword would be sport combat tournaments and stage combat activities.  It is a great reproduction of the original falchion and the one pictured here is of great quality and is priced at 228 dollars.  Click HERE or one of the pictures to below to make a purchase.  Enjoy!

Falchion-Sword-latest-sport-flachion Falchion Sword Handle

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