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Medieval Morning Star – The Spiked Ball Flail!

Good morning, or more like good night?  Depending on who you ask.  But the Morning Star Flail was quite a weapon to be reckon with, and although it can be considered somewhat crude and its use someone brash, it sure did have its use on the old battlefield.

Whats the deal with the morning star?

Although the morning star of old was actually  much larger than what we have on offer here, it is still a wicked weapon.  Housed in the museums of Vienna.  The largest one being over 7 feet in length.  These were meant for the foot soldier while cavalry used shorter variants of these weapons.  These were made with a wooden shaft yet had metal ends or spiked balls.  This was the flail, crude but deadly.

Why would you use this?

In “ye ole days,” war was not something that was uncommon and just like our modern times, arms races did indeed exist.  You can see it anywhere from the development of armor, to the evermore elaborate development of maces used to crush knights wearing the armor.  The biggest advantage that came from flails such as these was, aside from being deadly harmful to the hit, was that it could easily circumvent shields to hit the opponent on the other side.

Welcome to the Ritter Steel Medieval Morning Star

If you have been wanting to add an awesome piece to your historical collection, you certainly have it here!  Coming from Ritter Steel, known for their awesome quality and accurate reproductions, this double ball flail is going to impress everyone you know and make you feel like a bada** when you hold it!

Final Words

Ready to see more of this badboy or to make a purchase?  Then click here, or any one of the images below…

    Medieval Flail for battle 


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