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Simple, sexy, brutal – The Spiked Club


The Spiked Club

  Ok guys , this is going to rock your socks off so hold them in place.  You have here an awesome weapon, battle ready that is a blast to play with.  So here you go!

The History

  Throughout the medieval days and even before that, designs such as this one on the Spiked Club were hugely popular.  But how could such a crude weapon be so liked in an age with swords, shields, and suits of armor you ask?  Well its simple, they were cheap, and they didn’t require a ton of skill or training to use.  Because of that, the common folk could have a way to defend themselves, and not to mention, the force of a mace of club striking a knight in his armor could spell his demise, sense the force could still travel through his armor, delivering internal damage and being able to knock him out if struck in the head.

The Design and Specifications

  The design on this guy here is made of wood and has steel spikes on the head of the club for additional damage.  There is a total of 20 spikes, it is a robust club that will sure make a cool add on to the collection you already have.

Overall Length: 21 3/4”

Total weight: 2 lb

Number of spikes: 20

Final words…

  The spiked club is simply awesome.  I really like it and have two of my own.  Just because they are so cheap, being only 19 bucks a pop.  So enjoy having it around, and remember, DON’T POKE YOUR EYE OUT KID!

  Click here or an image below to get your barbarian spiked club on!


A spiked club   A spiked club for medieval war

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