Medieval Weapons Bliss

Medieval Morning Star – The Spiked Ball Flail!

Good morning, or more like good night?  Depending on who you ask.  But the Morning Star Flail was quite a weapon to be reckon with, and although it can be considered somewhat crude and its use someone brash, it sure did have its use on the old battlefield.

Whats the deal with the morning star?

Although the morning star of old was actually  mu Read More…

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The Medieval Falchion – A Sport Version!

  The Falchion – The Medieval Version of the Da Dao!

Da Dao Chinese Broadsword

Chinese Dadao

The Chinese Da Dao (translated into “big knife”) was a Chinese sabre used in China by those who wanted a deadly weapon without having to go into a very steep learning curve.  The falchion  might not be Read More…

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Fallout New Vegas Sword

The Fallout New Vegas Sword AKA The Machete Gladius

  If you played the highly popular game from Fallout, then you sure did notice this bad boy in the script.  Carried in the game by a group of people called the Legion, who resemble old Roman soldiers, the game takes place in a wasteland of Las Vegas, whe Read More…

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The Fierce Swiss Halberd


The Swiss Halberd, the Original Swiss Pocket Knife

  It almost seems like the Swiss had some kind of thing with making tools and weapons with just a whole ton of uses…like this halberd, useful for more than just impaling your worst enemy!

The History

  This weapon was the prime weapon of the Swiss foot soldier during the 14th and 15th century.  It was so dubious that it even influenced German weapon usage and battle tactics of the time.  It w Read More…

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The Legendary Trident, Weapon of Neptune!

The Retiarius Trident

  This weapon is absolutely etched into the memory of history.  Have you been wanting something unique and different to add to your collection and be able to impress your friends, or just want a new toy to play with?  You might just e Read More…

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The Sword of Anubis – The Real One!


The Powerful Sword of Anubis

  Here it is, and now YOU can enjoy the same power Anubis did, well sorta.  But really just think about how jealous all the other Egyptian gods will be when they see, well a mortal with such a sword!

The Low Down on the Anubis Sword

  So this sword is basically a khopesh design, if you want to compare, just click here to check out the Egyptian Khopesh post I made.  The thing with this sword versus other khopesh design Read More…

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The Celtic Helmet – Combat Ready Head Protection

The Celtic Helmet

  Have you been needing a true reproduction helmet for your Celtic set up, you have one know.  In its authentic design and all, you certainly going to love the comfort and look you get from this guy.

The History

  The Celts were no doubt a ferocious warrior class in their time.  They were also known for making their own arms and armor.  So, not only were they great combatants, but also expert blacks Read More…

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Simple, sexy, brutal – The Spiked Club


The Spiked Club

  Ok guys , this is going to rock your socks off so hold them in place.  You have here an awesome weapon, battle ready that is a blast to play with.  So here you go!

The History

  Throughout the medieval days and even before that, designs such as this one on the Spiked Club were hugely popular.  But how could such a crude weapon be so liked Read More…

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The Flanged Mace – A Knights Worst Knightmare

The Flanged Mace

  Allow us to introduce you to the official Kryptonite to the knight in shining armor.  This is a German style flanged mace.  When it comes down to maces, their were quite a few different designs, we’re happy to bring you this one here.

The History

  With the adve Read More…

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